Bringing Booking Online

Increase in Bookings

61% Bi-Weekly

During our Discovery Process we ask questions to identify ways we can build tools that increase productivity for our client/partners and build things they love to use.

We looked to artist BC Binning’s use of colour and geometry to create an aesthetic that reflects the Belmont Barbershop’s appreciate of the West Coast, its art and its architecture.

One of the main areas we knew we could help the Belmont Barbershop was increasing day-to-day efficiency by transitioning their phone and paper based scheduling process to an online booking system.

The first step of booking an appointment is selecting your service, barber, and the times that work best for your schedule.

The system checks the availability of your selected barber for the service you’ve requested and shows your options.

Once you’ve found a time that works for you, you confirm your appointment and contact details.

Once your appointment is processed you are sent a confirmation email. On most smartphones, you can tap the date and add it to your calendar. The system also sends you a reminder email the day before your appointment.

61% bi-weekly increase in bookings

At the time of posting this case study (January 2015), we have four weeks of data to look at. When we compare the first 2 weeks to the following 2 weeks, we’re thrilled to see a 61% increase in completed online bookings! It’s a small sample size, but the adoption rate of the booking tool is definitely trending in the right direction.

Measured Results (ROI)

Online Booking Started

74% Conversion Rate

We love using data from services like Google Analytics to validate our strategy and thinking. For the Belmont Barbershop’s booking process we’re monitoring conversions from the booking tool we built.

74% Booking Conversion Rate

In the month since we’ve put the Belmont Barbershop’s new digital platform live, 74% of all visitors who started the booking process are completing it and scheduling an appointment with the shop. By monitoring these user patterns we can identify pain points in user flows and improve the tools we build.

Focus On Results

The Belmont Barbershop has built its reputation by focusing on what they do best: providing classic barbering services. We knew a successful digital platform would have to reflect this focus, so rather than waste time with superfluous features like a blog or an ‘About Us’ page we centred our time on meeting user needs.

Create What Users Want

The results so far have been outstanding. The Belmont Barbershop is busier than ever, the barbers have more time to focus on interacting with their clients rather than answering phones, and clients can easily find the availability of their preferred barber and quickly book an appointment at any time, on any device.

But enough about what we did. If the Belmont Barbershop wasn’t the best outfit in town, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing company. So go book an appointment and look sharp!