The Opportunity

Capture Photography Festival is an Annual Celebration of Photography and Lens-Based Art that takes place in Vancouver every April. We developed a strong relationship with the organizers during our involvement with their first year which you can read about in our 2013 case study.

Full Integration With Multiple Touchpoints

Capture trusted us to execute all creative, marketing, and advertising for the 2015 edition of the festival. We’re proud of the results and love being able to connect the dots between branding, advertising & marketing, print, and digital. By having a 10,000 ft. view of all moving parts we were able the ensure consistency and identify efficiencies.

We Started With Brand

Capture identified brand development as a key priority heading into 2015. Together with their team we developed a timeless new brand that Capture can grow with for years to come.

The new Capture logo repurposed the ‘Aperture C’ icon with aesthetic changes to its typeface and colour.

Using the new brand guidelines we designed collateral such as: business cards, letterhead, and MailChimp email templates. The new branding represented Capture’s aesthetic in a much more genuine manner.

Gaining Recognition

With the new brand in place, we put Capture into the city’s cultural consciousness. By developing a creative concept that could be used for all 2015 collateral we were able to hit multiple touchpoints with consistent visual language. The added benefit was eliminating the need for multiple creative solutions thus reducing time and cost.

Our Discovery Sessions lead to the shared understanding that Artists are the main factor in a festival attendee’s decision to go to an Exhibition, Public Installation, or Event. Our core creative strategy was to use Artist’s names in a graphic way.

A Flexible Solution For Multiple Applications

Increasing Touchpoints

With Capture’s brand appearing in large formats around the city we shifted to print advertising. The Georgia Straight and Canadian Art were two popular arts and culture publications that presented excellent opportunities to reach Capture’s target demographic.

One of the best things about working with Capture is the wealth of photographic artwork they have at their disposal. “Trouts” by Birthe Piontek made a excellent choice for print advertising collateral because of its intriguing subject matter and striking presentation.

World Class Catalogue

The one print piece that lives on the shelves of Capture attendees is the festival catalogue. We knew festival catalogue needed to be a conversation piece worth that spot on the shelf.

The festival catalogue was a huge success, Capture received a lot of compliments on the quality of the design and it was all over the city. The catalogue was both a great conversation started as well as leave behind that presented the festival in a creative and professional way.

We used Jessica Eaton’s Public Installation piece ‘DG Weave’ for the cover. It’s an intelligent and beautiful piece of work that made the job of designing the cover easy. Throughout the catalogue the focus was on simplicity and readability which resulted in a piece both useful and beautiful.

Good Design Goes Unnoticed.

Enhanced Digital Platform

Billboards, bus-side ads, pole banners etc. all have expiration dates – Capture’s digital platform is the only element that consistently serves them on a day-to-day, year-to-year basis.

Your Very Own Capture Festival

There was one feature we all knew we needed to create and we knew it needed to be perfect: a festival itinerary planner. The main feedback from the 2013 festival was that festival goers found it difficult to plan their attendance to Exhibitions, Public Installations, and Events.

We’re extremely happy with the way the festival planner came together. During our Discovery Sessions we identified key functionality and we developed a simple solution that’s intuitive and easy to use.

As a user adds Exhibitions, Public Installations, and Events to their festival planner a custom map is generated as well as a date ordered list. The best part: no cumbersome login process, just add your shows and go!


Maximizing The Impact Of Photographs

Capture’s team puts a tremendous amount of care into their selection of Galleries, Artists, and Curators. Our design of the new digital platform for 2015 improved upon the previous version by emphasizing artwork associated with the festival. It was a simple improvement that allows Capture to communicate much more visually and much more beautifully.

Telling Stories With Images

We developed an image viewing feature that scales to the browser and flows seamlessly into the content below.


Creating Value From Content

By using their digital platform to promote and document Exhibitions, Public Installations, Events, Galleries, and Artists Capture has created a valuable database of Contemporary Photographers, Art Galleries and Events in Vancouver.

Connecting & Growing Content In Valuable Ways

We’re good at recognizing the value of content and maximizing what we can do with it. We constructed an hierarchy for Capture’s content that reduces the work required to enter information and creates depth for front end users.

The page for each Exhibition and Public Installation is the most complete collection of festival information. Time and place, participating Artists, the Gallery, and related Events are all easily accessible.

The Gallery page provides users with a list of previous Capture events associated with the Gallery.

Drilling down into Artist page offers a view of the Artist’s Capture Festival participation from previous years.

You can see a nice path of information develop that users can access if they’re interested in digging deep into an Exhibition or if they just want pertinent details about a single Exhibition or Public Installation they’re presented with just what they need.

As Capture continues each year this content structure will become deeper and more comprehensive, creating a rich database of information about the festival and its participating Artists and Galleries.


Connecting Physical & Digital Worlds

It’s always a challenge to create a digital product that bridges the gap between the digital space and the physical space. Our goal is to always provide utility to your users, we put them first and you second … but hey, they’re the one’s using your digital platform – so if we make them happy, we’re all happy!

The enhanced mapping feature is successful example of just that. Capture wanted a graphical way to show the scope of the festival, we thought the most useful thing for users was to see where Exhibitions, Public Installations, and Events were being held at a glance – everyone wins.

Using location based services like Google Maps we plot each Capture Photography Festival location. This graphical representation of Exhibitions, Public Installations, and Events makes it easy to quickly understand the scale of the festival and find things happening in parts of town that are convenient to users.


Observe, Measure, Improve

We rely on our expertise and experience to help our client / partners make successful products. One of the great things about the digital products we build is our ability to measure engagement and make changes to enhance their impact.

By tracking how many people are using the ‘My Itinerary’ feature we get the data above which is massively useful for Capture. We can see that the month the show was happening close to 2000 Exhibitions, Public Installations, and Events were added to user itineraries. This high level of engagement validates the time, cost, and effort put into creating the feature – it’s a clear metric for return on investment. More importantly we get a raw snapshot of the 10 most popular Capture Exhibitions, Public Installations, and Events amongst people interacting with the digital platform. Combining this information with demographic data enables us to make informed decisions as we continue to improve upon the platform.

We Can't Wait For Next Year!

By investing is a solid digital platform Capture Photography Festival has put themselves in an excellent position for years to come. We built a solid foundation and a platform that will grow with them and by doing so we can focus on more creative marketing and advertising next year all with the piece of mind that we’re driving people to a site that meets Capture’s objectives and provides value to their users.

We saw a direct connection between the work we did for Capture’s 2015 festival and an elevation of their brand and exposure. People responded well to everything but none of our work would mean anything without their team running the coolest city-wide arts festival!

See ya next year but in the meantime, check out their programming!