The Opportunity

Earnest Ice Cream is a grassroots company with the genuine goal of making delicious ice cream using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Together we created a web-based solution that solves business problems and communicates their message:

Earnest Ice Cream is Vancouver’s ice cream.

Satisfying Cravings

We know we shouldn’t play favourites … but our favourite feature of Earnest Ice Cream’s new digital platform is the ice cream locator! What started as a cheeky idea inspired by the phrase “you scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!” developed into a tool to help drive sales.

Amount of people who scream

100% for ice cream

We’re displaying where Earnest Ice Cream can be purchased … and of course, using HTML5 geolocation and Google Maps, we make it easy for you to find the closest place to satisfy your craving.

We’re displaying all locations that sell Earnest Ice Cream with hand-drawn icons to differentiate between scoop shops and distributors.

Fortunately for us we have an Earnest Ice Cream scoop shop just down the road from our studio!

The map shows users  the closest place to satisfy that craving and how long it’ll take to get there.

So many options!

Earnest Ice Cream’s new digital flavour board is a great example of our proactive problem solving. Over the course of the project, we learned that their staff spend a lot of time on the phone answering questions about which flavours are being served at a given location.

We knew we could help solve that problem in a simple and intuitive way.

The flavour board feature allows Earnest Ice Cream to select ice cream flavours and associate them with a location on a daily basis. It’s intuitive for Earnest Ice Cream’s visitors and easy for their staff to manage.


Open For Business

With two locations and future expansion inevitable, we wanted to make sure business hours weren’t going to be hard for users to sift through. If a store is open, it says so. Simple as that.

The dynamic system we developed makes it easy for Earnest Ice Cream to adjust store hours as well as letting customers know if the shops are open right now.

In the event that a user is viewing the site when the shops are closed we make that clear and communicate when they’re next open.

We carried this thinking through to the flavour board, if a scoop shop is closed we state the next time it’s open.

Google Search

27% Increase

The writing's on the ... jar

One of Earnest Ice Cream’s most distinctive brand features is the hand written flavour titles on their jars. We knew we had to incorporate this into the design of their new digital platform to enhance the connection between their digital and physical product.

A custom font, how cool is that!?

This was a first for us, creating a custom font from one of the business owners’ own handwriting. We had a focus on communicating the grassroots beginnings of Earnest Ice Cream and these hand-made touches helped the genuineness of the aesthetic. We love it!

Building Utility Features

Working with the team at Earnest Ice Cream was amazing, they’re great people who showed a lot of guts. By allowing us to focus on building a digital platform that addressed business needs, rather than building another pamphlet site, we definitely “zagged” where most confectionary sites “zig”. We always want to build tools that do more than just communicate.

It takes guts to focus on utility


66% Increase

Another opportunity we recognized during our Discovery Phase was to create a better way to handle job postings. Good people are hard to find and designing a platform that enables the use of social media helps get information to more people with the hope of finding that perfect fit.

We created a page for general employment information and job listings. This page is great for Google rankings and a convenient place to check if Earnest Ice Cream is currently hiring.

Users can click a job posting for specifics about the job. This page can be shared on social media, emailed to friends, and be used to apply for the selected position.

We built an awesome product!

Now what? No seriously, of course we think our work is so great that “if you build it they will come” but in the current digital landscape it’s not the case. Once we complete a digital platform it’s in both our and our client / partners best interest to promote it. Using social media and email marketing to drive traffic, highlight new features, and increase engagement is all part of the Audience Development phase of our work. It’s the fun part where we get to show and tell everyone what we’ve all been working so hard on together the past few months.

Who knew our new site could be this delicious?

Earnest Ice Cream has a subtle and intelligent brand voice. We went above and beyond by coming up with creative, shooting an image, and creating a tagline to announce their new digital platform on Instagram to their over 11k followers. The response was awesome!