The Opportunity

Farmboy Fine Arts (FBFA) is a full-service art consultancy, delivering curated art collections and custom artwork to a global roster of clients. We worked with them to solve a key challenge facing their business: how to communicate the scope of their clients and services in an interactive and engaging way.

The Value of Art

Social Sharing

403% Increase

FBFA promotes their business by curating and sharing collections of art inspired by a colour, theme, season or artist. The best part of this initiative is that it highlights FBFA’s main strength: having impeccable taste.

People Love Sharing Beautiful Images

We built FBFA a tool that shows these collections in an ethereal way that enhances the delivery of this rich visual content.

Clickable, shareable collections of images scroll at subtly different speeds, conveying an ethereal sense of depth, space and motion. We love the elegance.

The Tool And The Script

FBFA Mobile

675% Increase

FBFA has sales reps around the world. We built a tool that embraced the magic of touch devices, enabling a sales rep to walk clients through key communication pieces. This puts FBFA Headquarters in control of core business communication and gives the sales rep a cool, contemporary way to do their job.

Highlight The Technical Advantage

Work On A Global Scale

International Site Traffic

71% Growth

The map feature we created for FBFA is a useful tool that displays their projects in an interactive and visual way. It links users to brand and client partners’ case studies within the FBFA site, strengthening their established global presence.

Curated Experience

FBFA’s digital platform generates and array of colours based on any image. Their team can then apply any colour to elements throughout any individual case study.

By creating customized templates for FBFA’s case studies, we’ve allowed them to pick and choose content and images, and manage layouts. Because artwork is core to FBFA, we let the colours from images influence the colours throughout the content, giving each case study a uniquely curated feel.