We're Better Together

Our friends at Jam3 do amazing work. We were pretty excited when they approached us to be a part of creating their new site.

Working on your own project is tricky, every decision becomes the most important and productivity can suffer. Jam3 brought us on board to help make that decision-making process a bit easier by working together. We focused on simplicity and ease of use to build a platform that would allow Jam3 do what they do best: make an amazing, immersive experience (you know, the kind that ends up on Site Inspire).

Touch It, Drag It, Swipe It, Tap It...

Mobile Web Use

160% Increase since 2010

We’re passionate about mobile web. With our experience we helped Jam3 create a product that’s not only touch-friendly, it’s touch enhanced.

We've done our job when our work goes unnoticed.

Jam3’s work page detects touch events like swipe and drag, allowing users to interact with the site in the same way they would with a native mobile app. Users expect a high level of functionality and notice when things aren’t as they should be – we work hard to make our products function as users expect them to.

Flexible Content

Custom templating: Not an oxymoron anymore.

We built Jam3’s WordPress site in a way that let them pick-and-choose blocks of content for their work pages.

This means that every page doesn’t have to follow the same rigid layout structure. Instead, they can add the presentational modules that best allow them to tell the story of each piece of work.

Direction Aware

The mouse and pointer/cursor is quickly becoming a relic of the past. We worked with Jam3 to build features like their work grid, with a direction-aware hover feature that makes having a mouse cool again. The information overlay panel slides in the direction you’ve “moused-in” from, it’s these subtleties that cement Jam3 in the FWA Hall of Fame.

Asymmetrical Grids

We love WordPress and have extensive experience making it do pretty much anything we want it to.

We’re also intrigued by asymmetrical grid structures. We believe users respond positively to unique layouts that differentiate themselves from the less creative design solutions.

Jam3’s blog and case study pages are visually engaging and allow content to be easily consumed.

Mobile First (and Last)

Tablet Usage

52% Increase Since 2012

We like it when mobile design patterns get a chance to trickle up to bigger screens. Jam3’s  slide-out navigation drawer is a perfect example of this.

Tucking the navigation away when it’s appropriate keeps the site uncluttered and creates a more immersive experience users.

The navigation drawer also features some pretty cool stuff, like the the font we used to display Jam3’s custom icons.

We like using icon fonts because they are flexible, look crisp on any display and all devices, and make load times snappy.

Our goal is to delight users and surpass expectations.

Jam3 continues to push the boundaries of web technology in all of their projects.

We’re excited to have been a part of creating a beautiful platform that allows them to showcase those projects in a way that reflects their dedication to storytelling, craft and technology.