Responding To The Mobile World

Mobile Traffic

672% more mobile users

The responsive solution we developed for MONTECRISTO readied them for the 672% increase in mobile traffic they saw in the 11 months after they went live.

672%. We can't believe it either.

Mobile devices display a collapsed version of MONTECRISTO’s complex desktop navigation. It’s easy to use and maximizes the limited screen real estate, which means users quickly find the content they’re after.

The navigation for tablet is a simplified version of what appears at desktop.

We make use of that screen space to expose a few more options, but still keep things simple and unobtrusive.

Users on tablets in landscape mode and desktop computers tend to explore more.

For desktop users we went big, exposing all of the top-level content categories and making it easy for them to dive in.

Let's Get Social


398% more activity

Social media is ubiquitous. It’s easy to get your conversation started, the hard part is getting people back to your home base of digital operations.


153% more engagement

The numbers don’t lie.

MONTECRISTO’s readership trust them to deliver well-crafted content, from 140 characters to 140,000.

We made it possible for them to create customized tweets for every piece of content on the site.

It's All About The User

Unique Page Views

243% increase

MONTECRISTO’s new digital presence is a pleasure to use on any device and we’re watching their engagement statistics go up across the board as a result.

People like nice things.

A Business Needs Tools

Online Ad Revenue

100% increase in ad sales

MONTECRISTO’s Past Issues archive allows their readers to filter content by issue, and easily purchase back-issues.

We also built a great Business Directory that worked for NUVO Magazine as well.

These features are helping MONTECRISTO Magazine drive subscriptions and create value for their advertisers, and have created a more engaging experience for their readers.

We’re pretty excited for them.

As a result MONTECRISTO is enjoying increases in web traffic digital advertising revenue, and subscription purchases.