Respond To Your Users

Mobile Traffic

554% more visits

The product we delivered for NUVO Magazine had to strengthen their position as Canada’s premiere lifestyle quarterly.

In order to make this happen, our first task was to make the site a pleasure to use on any device.

Since going live, we’ve witnessed a 554% increase in mobile visitors, and mobile usage numbers are continuing to rise.

554% is a premiere increase.

Users on small devices interacted with a simple, collapsed navigation menu.

By simplifying the amount of options the user quickly understands the key sections of the site and can get to what they’re after.

For tablets in portrait orientation, the navigation displays the same simple information as the mobile version.

But it makes use of the additional screen space with its more ‘traditional’ layout.

Users viewing the NUVO Magazine site on their desktop or tablet landscape view generally have a more exploratory experience.

To make it easier for them to explore, we explode the main navigation to feature the site’s top level categories.

You Have To Be Social


819% more activity

NUVO Magazine communicates directly to people with taste. We made it possible for NUVO to customize the text of their user-shared tweets, so they can ensure their content stays classy from 140 characters to 14,000.


280% more engagement

People Like & Share Good Content.

Since we began working with NUVO, we’ve watched their social engagement statistics skyrocket.

Without Users There Is No Experience

Unique Page Views

107% more content viewed

We made NUVO’s digital presence a pleasure to use on any device, and we’ve watched their engagement statistics go up across the board.

Be Useful To Your Users.

Giving Users Tools Helps Your Business

Online Ad Revenue

100% increase in ad sales

Tools like NUVO’s Business Directory tie useful information about businesses to magazine content and give readers a way to transform their digital experiences into real-world ones.

We also built a Magazine Archive feature that work great for MONTECRISTO Magazine too.

We Built The Right Tools.

These tools have helped NUVO Magazine enjoy a 60% increase in online subscription numbers and 100% increase in digital advertising revenue.

This means we provided them with the right tools for the job. For us, that’s a job well done.