Three Great Streets. One Amazing Neighbourhood.

The West End Business Improvement Association’s goal is to increase business for its members. Our challenge was to create a digital tool that highlights its diversity, events, and people.

The Economist ranks Vancouver as the third most livable city in the world.

The West End BIA works hard to promote its businesses. We wanted  to help them use an underrepresented asset as a way to drive the voice of their new digital platform: we had to put the neighbourhood front-and-center.


494% increase

The BIG Question

Davie Village has historically been the hub of Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ community and has shaped the culture of the neighbourhood. Our concept for the West End BIA’s new digital platform gives them a way to reflect the importance of the LGBTQ+ community in their neighbourhood, but without overlooking all of the other things that make the West End an amazing place.

In this sense we were in the privileged position to make the change we wish to see.

In what way do we feature the LGBTQ+ community?

The answer
Let the neighbourhood do the talking.

Giving The Neighbourhood A Voice

The West End BIA’s new digital platform enables them to publish Instagram and Twitter content to tell the story of the neighbourhood. These photos and tweets only originate from trusted accounts or using customizable hashtags and are only posted after review by the West End BIA team.

A Real-Time Feed Of The Neighbourhood.

By letting the neighbourhood tell the story, we maximized the efficiency of the West End BIA team. Residents and visitors are creating content that complements the West End BIA’s own content. Their team simply categorizes, tags, and posts the content they like.

Social Sharing

3701% increase

The concept will also play well with the West End’s real-world neighbourhood initiatives that encourage digital participation.

One of our favourites was the #vancupid campaign. Valentine’s mailboxes were set up and everyone was invited to give and receive Valentine’s Day cards.

Our concept lent itself well to the weekly #WeAmaze Instagram contest. Users were encouraged to submit photos of the West End to be judged by the West End BIA. Each weeks winner was featured on the West End BIA’s own Instagram account and the winner received a chance to win a free bike from a neighbourhood bike store.

Another neighbourhood initiative that will get featured on the West End BIA’s real time feed is #VanKiss. Mistletoe that was installed on a few street corners to inspire people in the neighbourhood to share their affection during the holiday season.

The West End Uncovered

The West End is home to some of Vancouver’s most exciting and popular public events like Pride, Celebration of Light, and the Polar Bear Swim. These are huge drivers for West End businesses, and the front-page “cover” feature we created gives the West End BIA an easy way to show off these events.

The images, text, and links can be scheduled and adjusted easily, and the layout can be altered to accommodate art direction needs.

The West End Is Home To Amazing Events.

The first thing a user sees on the homepage is a good reason to go to the West End and enjoy what it has to offer. We put the neighbourhood front-and-centre.

Connecting the Dots Content

We love connecting content throughout the digital products we create. In the video above you can see an Instagram photo posted on the homepage, this image is tagged as Davie Street. If we click the image we’re taken to the Davie Street page, scroll down and the Instagram image is associated with this page as well.

Engaging Content. Everywhere.

The Instagram post was also tagged JJ Bean so when you check out JJ Bean’s page in the Directory you’ll see the image there too. These content associations are a great way to maximize internal efficiencies for our client/partners.

Unique Page Views

58% increase

Business Directory

The business directory we built for the West End BIA is an incredibly useful tool. As you can see in the video, a user visiting the West End can search for coffee, filtering by business type and street location to get even more granular results.


183% increase

We're Ready To Grow!

Since the launch of the West End BIA’s new digital platform we’ve seen great signs of success, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

Back at the Assembly studio we’re already planning new features and ways to make things even better: enhanced functionality, audience development, and content strategy.

We’re Always Thinking About Making You More Successful.

Enough about us, go explore the West End, it’s amazing!