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Manager of Product Design,
North American E-commerce
Jul 2018–Aug 2019

The Opportunity

Community is at the heart of everything lululemon does, and “Community Now” is the digital platform that will provide guests with tools and access to the sweatlife by being:
  • A digitally-driven, guest-centric, omni channel experience, that brings the power of lululemon educators (front-line store staff) across all channels
  • A groundbreaking social community that creates human connections by bringing people together, both online and offline
  • A space to host the most revered, highly anticipated events on the planet
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The Solution

Our strategy was built on the following 4 pillars:
Example screen of the Store Hubs section

1. Store Hubs

Location and logistics
Core functionality includes:

  • Location map
  • Store hours
  • Contact information
  • Associated Classes & Events
  • Editorial content
  • Associated Ambassadors
Example screen of the Classes and Events section

2. Classes and Events

Discover and book
Core functionality includes:

  • Discover classes and events
  • Book class or event
  • Reminder about booked class or event
  • Waitlist class or event
  • Cancel class or event
  • Add to calendar
  • Payment
Example screen of the Ambassadors section

3. Ambassadors

Program education and profiles
Core functionality includes:

  • Educate users on lululemon’s Elite, Global, and Local Ambassador program
  • Discover ambassadors relevant to user
  • Inspire people to engage with content created by ambassador network
Example screen of the Stories section

4. Content Hub

Editorial Storytelling
Core functionality includes:

  • Create editorial that inspires lululemon’s customers to engage with their brand and product
  • Indirect sales
  • Product education and price point validation
  • Training guides
  • Video classes
  • Podcasting

The Results

“Community Now” is in development with a release scheduled end of 2019 and through 2020. The executive team, from CEO Calvin McDonald down, is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to connect the storytelling features with the commerce features already in place.

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